About Us


Gaiser's European Style Provisions Inc was founded in 1926 in

Union, New Jersey.

The company's overall mission is to provide the best service above all and give clients the best products possible.

It all starts with quality.

Gaiser's uses only finest ingredients and all of the produce contains no fillers, gluten, artificial colors, flavors, trans fat, as well no MSG.


Smoked meats, cold cuts and sausages are prepared from traditional European recipes using state-of-the-art smoke houses.

The company has the ability to accommodate to any taste and diet of meat lovers in almost any country. The products that this company offers are customizable and can fit the specific needs of the consumer. 


This process is done under the supervision of the Food Research Laboratory. Food safety and quality control are the most important aspects of our manufacturing process.

Gaiser's is well established and is sought after by various buyers while continuing to serve only the best products to loyal customers with whom they have established a relationship.